100LLC is a Catalyst, Coordinator & Noble Platform to honor...

...at least 100 Leading Ladies of Color, regionally

About Us


What and Why #100LLC


The mission of 100LLC is to serve as a catalyst and coordinator in honoring and cultivating a regional network of at least 100 powerful, leading women of color and influence. 100LLC works to encourage every sector to unite together and combine resources to collectively invest in the honorees of 100LLC and their work. 


ROI on Donations, Investments & Service #100GivetoGet

This level of community (donating, investing and in-kind support to 100LLC) serves as the best Return on Investment (ROI) to manifest:

· Social Impact and Change,

· Economic Development, and a

· Culture of Strength, Collective Work and Community within each region. 


We're Kind of a Big Deal #100BehindtheGrind

The women and females of 100LLC represent diverse platforms and industries, have a documented influence of at least 1 million supporters, collectively, and are usually the silent weapons and Unsung-SHEroes behind-the-scenes of our most respected and influential projects.  

Invest or Donate Now!

 Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to honor at least 100 leading ladies of color as they serve and change our communities. Gain a high return today! Together, we can make a difference.  

Characteristics and Approach of 100LLC: Leverage the dollar, Serve as wind beneath wings, and contribute to true leaders who mobilize to action 

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